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Andrew Klepcov

I never thought that I would write that wayt, but first of all we want to say thank you so much for the communication and awesome time spending)

The photo session in the mountains in Lovchen at 4 pm ended around 10 pm in Porto Tivat and besides the feeling of mild fatigue there was a feeling as if talking to an old friend) and this was perfectly transmitted in all the pictures.

The first thing that struck it was how Stas communicates with the children, and we have twins and each with his own character.)

Secondly, we have never thought how to stand or turn around on the picture. Stas filmed everything as it was, giving valuable instructions to turn to the light and location for a better view. At the same time paying attention to each family member. And as a result, we rejoice and relive those emotions and feelings, revising again and again these wonderful bright photos)

1000 times thanks !!)

Marta Rihter

On the wedding day, when you have dizzy from organizational and emotional overload, and the increasing stress that is caused by multitasking, takes away the resources needed to enjoy the holiday, it is very important that at such a moment there was a person who would take part of the obligations upon himself, give sensible advice relying on his many years of experience, it is important when a professional in the organization of the celebration participates in the organization ... Such as you, Stas! From the very beginning of the planning of the wedding and at the moments of its holding, we relied on your advice on organizing and planning the celebration and took into your recommendations which helped us a lot to avoid any overlaps and unforeseen situations that often occur at weddings.

You can feel our priorities, you precisely understand the necessary sequence of events during the day. You see and understand a lot. Looking through the camera lens, you see those fleeting moments that bind people and express the essence of their relationship. You can highlight meaningful moments and help these moments happen. There is everything in your photos: feelings, emotions, life is an eternal memory, the only memories of a certain moment of the day that will be with us throughout life. Your photos will remind you of unique moments, and their importance will only increase over time. You helped make our wedding day better. And we are infinitely grateful to you!

Svetlana Golubeva

Stas! How lucky i am to find you
It is very cool! This is just a holiday of some kind !!!!
Your photos can not be viewed without emotion)
In one set there are quiet emotions and fun smiles pure emotions, the whole range from and to, this is a talent, what else you can look for)

Those in the jungle (or how to say that) are generally just unreal and cool !!!! I will be looking at every poto for three more hours. And most importantly, while we went there and took pictures, half of developments I didn’t even notice that you took pictures, just enjoyed the beauty around and the company when you were telling something interesting, about the same waterfalls or life in Vietnam .. probably for this reason we are not so tense (as happens at photo shoots when everyone has stone faces and fake smiles like a joker) and the same as in life, real people ...

Thank you for your work,  involvement, non-indifference (after all, so many people pass and leave, and it’s not easy to discern his individuality and reveal a person in everyone). Thanks a thousand times again!

Tanya Rinkevich

Stas, Katya, the photos are simply UNREAL !!!!!!!! We can not find the words !!!!!!!!!!! Lord, they are BOMBIC !!!!!!

Thank you for such photos !!!!!!!!! For such emotions!
Everything, absolutely everything that we have conceived, you have embodied it all and even more!
Once again, thank you so much with Katya! Everyone just loved it! So many comments, so many personal messages Its is a space) They commented: this is the best thing they have seen in their lives! We are too by the way. It simply exceeded all our expectations !!!! standing ovation! True !
Every shot! Just everyone!

How good that we found you!
You are the coolest guys we saw! In all senses!
Hug you

Liza Guseva

Stas and Katia, I want to tell THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You helped to make our dream a reality ... During the photo session, it seemed to me that he was not around and we were just walking together with Dima (husband), but he always suggested and directed us the most important thing was not forcing us to do anything supernatural, which would be especially difficult for Dima)))) The separate respect to Kate, we have not personally met, but she did a tremendous job in processing our photos. You brought in life and colors and colors, in which I represented Montenegro before meeting with it. I am reviewing them for the hundredth time and every time I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
P.s.: and the most importantly, Stas was always in touch, we booked a date for 1.5 months and despite the baby in the house, he always answered me and answered my sometimes very stupid questions and even reassured because of the weather (this is very important, especially when you have never seen a person, and you are planning the most important event in your life, like a wedding)

Andrew Maliavin

Stas, you did a phenomenal job! We are very pleased that among a huge number of photographers, we chose you once.

Photos and videos turned out just fantastic. They do not just reflect some scenes, they convey attitude and life itself. Probably thats why looking at the result, we cried. You always expect to see a certain result, but here the result not only met all our expectations, but also caused touching and completely tender feelings - so skillfully and with soul, you conveyed our feelings, reflecting them on the photo.

And it is pleasant to communicate with you, positive, fun and easy. So you fully meet all the criteria for the concept of "Master of your craft" - a great person + a great professional! Since you are constantly improving and looking for creative ideas, I want you to always succeed, not only in work, but also in life in general) Thank you, dear!

Nataliya Frolkova

I want to thank you very much for the impressions I received from the photos and from the process of shooting! You and your wife are amazing creative duo! When I found you on Instagram, I immediately realized that it was a discovery. And this is really an opening!
Once again I am convinced that life always gives us good people at an unexpected moment. When I saw your profile, I plunged into it and hypnotized day and night: I wanted to see myself there. I wanted to see myself through the eyes of the guys. I wrote and received instant feedback.
Stas is very talented. Waiting for the shooting excited nerves, but the process from the first second pleased. And the result exceeded expectations! I look at the photos and I can not stop looking. They have life, sun, feelings. The color, frame angle, eyes in the frame - everything is real! Looking at these photos, I understand that I appreciate all the moments in life. Every second happens only once. I would like not to rush time, to let it flow at its own pace. In these pictures were all the pleasant emotions that Nha Trang gave us! Each picture is unique, each is full of life. I feel there when I see them!

You have a special approach to work. And I know that you can do everything! To give people an instant that will last forever through a snapshot - this is happiness! Guys, many thanks! You are great

Ivan Rossinskii

Salute everyone! I will try to write a review from both of us, the buttons will endure everything. Daria and I havent been on Tenerife for the first time, we have visited many places, have seen many interesting places, but photos we have are mostly one-by-one or, at the request of passers-by, crooked photos. AND So we decided to visit this unique island for the last time, with the thought that next time we will not come soon, sometime when we see the world ... but this trip was not like others After talking with my wife we ​​asked us to conclude that just need good, specific photos for memory, ve when we will be back

The search for a photographer has begun ... agencies, private sites, blogs, advertising ... everything is somehow complicated, and there were no special requirements, just good photos. I found a guy, saved, met, then yes, that photo, he - ok, well, and then the details! From the very beginning, it was comfortable and fun to communicate with Stas, understood each other, shared impressions about the island, places, options for shooting! And then they decided everything quickly, without any problems, having a cup of coffee during a personal meeting at our hotel! It was very convenient for us that our photographer is a Russian and pleasant, sociable person! I will say right away - we do not often at photo shoots, so we warned Stas beforehand that we can be “logs”. But our creator said - don't worry, I will do everything! And he did it! Of course, we didn’t doubt him, more in ourselves, well, posture there, facial expressions, how we will look, if we are not hatchets! Stas said - be yourself, love each other, enjoy the atmosphere and moments, I'm not here! We chatted, pinned up, discussed something, changed our locations and had our photo session without straining! Charged with positive emotions and at home already, in our beautiful rainy, gloomy St. Petersburg received magnificent, bright, interesting photos from our beloved island

Stas, Kate, thank you so much for the pleasant process and high-quality work at the end !!! You are experts! All our friends rated photos and we recommend you! Hopefully we will see you again, for example, in Croatia or Montenegro. Hello to your daughters! Peace, on the positive! Good luck in your work and life !!!

Nadezhda Grabarovskaya

Before our trip to Tenerife, we decided that we definitely want to have a family photos in those places. I really liked the photos of the guys. Strongly bribed photos with children. All communication and choice of locations was very calm and without straining. Somehow we quickly decided, we drove to the exploration and the next day we went with Stas to a photo shoot. It was a great day. We just walked, had fun, enjoyed the nature, and Stas took pictures of us. I was amazed at how our small mischievous woman Katya quickly got used to Stas. By the way, she is terribly afraid of all men without exception, she found a common language ... she was laughing, she was absorbing all kinds of mud from the ground, showing where her priest was and picking her nose ... behaved as usual in a shorter way ... and the guys have two women. And for this, I will tell you, it is safe for people to erect a monument of yellow plasticine. So, if you are planning a family photo session with children, do not even hesitate, by evening all of our family was very pretty. The mood was gorgeous. We just walked and talked, no "working" environment

And now to the main point! A photo. No .... PHOTO ... PHOTOS Here it is very difficult for me to say / write something intelligible ... when it comes to these photos, I start to scream like a pig with delight as if Jesus himself is talking to us through these pictures. Nature on Tenerife is incredible. This is a wonderful place, one of those places whose beauty cannot be described in words or a picture. But Stas succeeded. I look at a photo from the forest of Esperanza and see the same picture. This is some kind of miracle. Photos are just as fabulous as the place itself. We watch them in circles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we decided to definitely return there. And these photos will definitely not give us peace of mind and will constantly be treacherously hinting that it’s time for us to buy tickets to Spain for sure, thank you very much, guys, we’ll definitely see you again for this beauty.

Alina Zherdzinskaya

My husband and I had a dream to make a wedding photo session on kites and hydrofoils. It turned out that in Vietnam it is difficult to find a photographer with suitable technology. When I turned to the guys, they answered that they would try to find something, but in general Stas was ready to climb into the water and experiment in every way. Therefore, immediately there was a desire to work with him. It was not easy to organize the shooting, but we did it all) Thank you so much for the photo and on the water and on land, and a special thanks for the quick processing!

Vlada Gavrilova

Stas, I want to say thanks again for such an incredible photo session! You are the person with whom, indeed, it is easy and simple to work, infront whom you forget about the constraint! You supported all our ideas, you were not afraid of the cold in the mountains and even the steep cliffs we climbed in search of the coolest shots! It was worth it! All photos are simply unreal: lively and unconstrained, so different. I admire your ability to catch these sincere moments! Photos emit warmth, and every time they make you smile when you look at them! This is simply a fantastic result that can only be achieved thanks to a professional like you!

Alesia Kashtalinchuk

If you need a photographer, this is only for Stas and Kate :)
Our photographer’s true search lasted long enough, but we were lucky :) we are very pleased with the after-wedding photos, we had a lot of filming, but this one is definitely the best. Bright, beautiful, high-quality photos, nice classic color. Photos that will be pleasant to view and will not be ashamed to show in 10-20 years. Stas and Katia very quickly made us a photo, we didn’t even expect it) were preparing to wait the same amount, insanely pleased us from the morning)
During the shooting we didn’t feel any straining, everything was very comfortable. And also thanks for supporting our idea to dilute beach photos - photos from the pagoda, which I really wanted.
Guys who still doubt - drop all doubts - their team are great professionals! Everything turned out as we wanted and even better

Polina Agafina

"We had a great time, everything went easy and not intrusive. Thanks to Stas for a bunch of tips for travelers, for great locations and for motivating to visit Durmitor, we saw a completely different Montenegro." - Kirill

"Stas, thank you with Katya for the great photos!
Some of them I really want to to print in large format and put on the wall into the home, but in general we’ll really have to print the truth and attach it to the house so that it warms the soul)) Kirill didn’t want, but now he insists - I think he is generally delighted))
Looks at posts in your account in insta with our photos and analyzes how many likes we have, who has more, who has less * handface * I think we awakened some kind of beast inside, he even got an instagram This is what the restrained reviews are about here writes, and waited for these photos more than me)
We wish you pleasant work with pleasant people, inspiration and strength to implement all the goals and ideas! Suddenly, somehow you will be able to take pictures with you again, it would be very cool "- Polina

Ekaterina Kosareva

Apart from the wedding, this was our first photo shoot. It was like a walk with an old close friend, with whom we had not seen for a long time, walked, talked, laughed both during and after the photo shoot) there were only joyful and warm memories

And as a result - just magical photos got them two days ago and already reviewed four times! And looking at each time, I want to dream again and come back to that day.
Stas, thanks for the great photos and a great day! We really hope not only to work together again, but also to see and talk! Thank you for such emotions!

Natalia Botvina

Now you can stop searching. You have found exactly the person who will make such photos, that you will be reviewing for a long time, sighing, smiling. Endlessly laying out photos from a photo shoot will not annoy your friends, but cause only mad delight, which ones will be lost for print, for the whole area of the apartment will be negligible for this)

Every photo is wow, they are alive, they are real, Stas has a talent to convey your emotions and feelings through the lens, that is, through lenses. This is a separate story: when Stas opened his small suitcase, there were several cameras, lenses, cool stuff! I don’t know the name!quadrocopter, walkie-talkies, and so on ..- we understood it would be cool! Photos from Stas in your instagram will collect likes for a hundred)) guaranteed)

Alla Prohorova


Alena Vasileva


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Kseniya Kelm


Margarita Postnova


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