Dennis & Leila \ Tenerife

Tenerife, the village of Mask, Los Gigantes, December 2017
Incredibly happy, loving and beautiful guys from Holland, the magic landscapes of the island, great weather, good communication - probably our most "smiling" series! Tenerife is truly magical and amazing. The number, beauty and diversity of the location for shooting here is just off scale. Just think, the area is 2-2.5 Moscow, but there are 4 climatic zones and 28 climatic zones on the island. Landscapes are extremely diverse: high-mountainous pine forests and eucalyptus groves in the north, steep cliffs in the west over the ocean, wide beaches with black and golden sand in the south, unique thickets of the laurasilva of the Tertiary period in the east, frozen flows of volcanic lava in the volcano area and snow-white Canarian villages - this is a great place to relax and for beautiful photo shoots.
Enjoy watching.)

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