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We are Stas and Katya Chernov, wedding and family photographers. We live and work in different countries, trying to travel around the world. We always looking for new adventures and new meetings. We always open for interesting beautiful projects.

We love to take pictures. Photography is a favorite thing, which has become a favorite work. We try to develop, improve and look for inspiration in everything. We take pictures of happy people, their historys, emotions, events and impressions. Photo is a memory. We want people seeing themselves in our photos, experienced the same feeling as when the picture was taken. We strive to ensure that our images awake the feelings.

We are always looking for new acquaintances, interesting ideas and unusual events.


  • - You are always welcome to write us and clarify the exact cost, indicating the country, city, date range and shooting format.
  • - You are always welcome to write us a counter offer, ask a question, clarify points.
  • - You are always welcome to write us to make a compliment, express criticism, help with advice.
  • - We are always open for dialogue!

Andrew Klepcov

I never thought that I would write that wayt, but first of all we want to say thank you so much for the communication and awesome time spending)

The photo session in the mountains in Lovchen at 4 pm ended around 10 pm in Porto Tivat and besides the feeling of mild fatigue there was a feeling as if talking to an old friend) and this was perfectly transmitted in all the pictures.

The first thing that struck it was how Stas communicates with the children, and we have twins and each with his own character.)

Secondly, we have never thought how to stand or turn around on the picture. Stas filmed everything as it was, giving valuable instructions to turn to the light and location for a better view. At the same time paying attention to each family member. And as a result, we rejoice and relive those emotions and feelings, revising again and again these wonderful bright photos)

1000 times thanks !!)

Marta Rihter

On the wedding day, when you have dizzy from organizational and emotional overload, and the increasing stress that is caused by multitasking, takes away the resources needed to enjoy the holiday, it is very important that at such a moment there was a person who would take part of the obligations upon himself, give sensible advice relying on his many years of experience, it is important when a professional in the organization of the celebration participates in the organization ... Such as you, Stas! From the very beginning of the planning of the wedding and at the moments of its holding, we relied on your advice on organizing and planning the celebration and took into your recommendations which helped us a lot to avoid any overlaps and unforeseen situations that often occur at weddings.

You can feel our priorities, you precisely understand the necessary sequence of events during the day. You see and understand a lot. Looking through the camera lens, you see those fleeting moments that bind people and express the essence of their relationship. You can highlight meaningful moments and help these moments happen. There is everything in your photos: feelings, emotions, life is an eternal memory, the only memories of a certain moment of the day that will be with us throughout life. Your photos will remind you of unique moments, and their importance will only increase over time. You helped make our wedding day better. And we are infinitely grateful to you!

Svetlana Golubeva

Stas! How lucky i am to find you
It is very cool! This is just a holiday of some kind !!!!
Your photos can not be viewed without emotion)
In one set there are quiet emotions and fun smiles pure emotions, the whole range from and to, this is a talent, what else you can look for)

Those in the jungle (or how to say that) are generally just unreal and cool !!!! I will be looking at every poto for three more hours. And most importantly, while we went there and took pictures, half of developments I didn’t even notice that you took pictures, just enjoyed the beauty around and the company when you were telling something interesting, about the same waterfalls or life in Vietnam .. probably for this reason we are not so tense (as happens at photo shoots when everyone has stone faces and fake smiles like a joker) and the same as in life, real people ...

Thank you for your work,  involvement, non-indifference (after all, so many people pass and leave, and it’s not easy to discern his individuality and reveal a person in everyone). Thanks a thousand times again!

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